a new way forward...

Sharing the Love

sundays @ 9:30am

133 south division

entrance around back, off parking lot

shared space with skelletones for the time being

In a City of Churches, Why New Vintage?

People who were nothing like Jesus liked Jesus. Because he liked them. It’s hard to hate someone who keeps loving you no matter what. The true essense of tough love.

Like old Polaroid pics that fully form while you wait, New Vintage is a developing picture of God's love. Incomplete but growing in grace.

When we say it’s ok to not be ok, we mean business. Life is full of ups & downs, right? 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. We get it. The Godward life is not a story of perfection but movement. Keep going. Keep growing. Stay together. Play together. Pray together. We weren’t meant to pick up the pieces alone. That’s what Jesus meant when he said “follow me”. He wasn’t asking for perfection. He was inviting us to himself.

We’re a church that laughs together, learns together, prays together & swears together. Our moms would have washed out our mouths with soap if they heard us at church. We’re not trying to be cool. We’re not. We work to be honest. Humble. Teachable. Broken. Ready to receive grace for who we really are.

We want to welcome everyone seeking soul care and help develop healthy spiritual habits for life. We think everything tells a story about God. We believe everyone is made in the image of God. Every race, every background, every sexual orientation. Oftentimes we have as much to learn from you as you might from us. Together, we can help each other on this evolving, eternal path of knowing God and making Him known.

New Vintage gathers every Sunday morning. Fair trade coffee & tea are served starting at 9 for the early birds. Some simple worships songs start around 9:30, we read some Scripture & teach for a few with an interactive, all-inclusive conversation to wrap up our time. Nursery is provided for parents of newborns & toddlers. Everyone is invited to join our discussion, offering observations, sharing stories & learning from each other. Kids House, with games, stories & crafts for elementary students meets during the discussion. We’re out by noon.

Bring your baggage, bring your doubts and bring your partner to New Vintage this week. Because people who were nothing like Jesus liked Jesus. People like you.


Kids House

"The best way for a kid to know God is to know someone who knows God." -Reggie Joiner

We want to have FUN helping families connect kids to God through the church!

From nursery during our 9:30 service to Kids House for birth-5th grade @ 11, we are here to help!

All team members are screened with the State of Michigan for everyone's safety.



"When a teen starts feeling significant, they'll look for opportunities to do something significant." -Stuart Hall

Encounter, or E! (E-Point) is for junior high and high school teens. We meet every other Sunday @ 4:30-6:30 @ the space. Holidays and summertime meetings may vary.



Each week we deconstruct and reconstruct life lessons with fresh eyes & a renewed perspective. We hope it helps with a new way forward.